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Console Games – Are Console Games a Saving Grace for PC Games?

PC games are back from the brink, courtesy the slew of console games that have saved the pc games from going obsolete. Tell us, when was the last time you got crazy about a computer game as much as say, some of the console games. And while console games are making big news, you might probably wonder what happened to the step-brotherly branch of PC games? However, when one thinks of PC games, there are few things that come to mind. Unimaginative, bland, mediocre- these are the three adjectives that can be used to describe the PC games. Ironically the technology that helped built the PC games is the same technology that caused just about everyone to forget about it. Believe it or not, the game console has really taken over.

Classic Game Review: Solomon’s Key 1987

King Solomon’s treasure is what you’re seeking, but the wily old king has defended it well – before reaching the riches you have to pass through some 20 caverns, each featuring an arrangement of stone blocks, an exit, a key and hidden bonus objects. In some ways Solomon’s Key is a sort of Boulder dash in reverse – instead of clearing a pathway to success, you have to build one.

Pros and Cons of Video Games

Nowadays we see most of the kids and adults playing video games and it has become their day-to-day routine. However, it is parent’s duty to have an eye on their kids while playing these kinds of games. It is true that any kind of game addictions are not that much bruising when it is compared to alcohol addiction and drug addiction but if parents did not keep an eye on kids then it can be a dreadful addiction because obviously an addiction is an addiction.

Nintendo DS Game Compatibility Increased for R4 DS Card

Games recently released for the Nintendo DS including multi-award winning titles such as the Professor Layton series, have been recently confirmed as working with the R4 DS card. All equivalent products on both the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles are also compatible.

How To Find The Best Deals For Used PSP Games?

Those who own a PSP does not need any introduction for their consoles and needless to say that they just love all the games and movies in it. For people, who still have not discovered the fun of a PSP should be missing out on something never to miss.

DJ Max Portable 3 Preview

Recently we got many role-playing games on PlayStation Portable but now it seems that we’re going to get something new and refreshing. I know that many people love music video games, and I have to admit that they are quite the hit nowadays especially with games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This time it’s not about your rock band and guitars, it’s about being a DJ.

Medal of Honor Giveaway – Creating Sensation All Around

The Medal of Honor will hit the shelves on the 12th of October 2010 and the buzz around it is already huge. Gamers and non gamers alike have not been bored of discussing this new exciting game. Whether people end up loving the game or not is something we need to wait and see, but the hype around it has reached its limit and this game is already a smash hit among the gamer society. This new version promises lots of new innovations and a lot more to play for. So, what is all the fuss about?

How To Grab A Free Medal Of Honor Game Copy

Fast paced gamers, you need to shift your focus to the upcoming new gaming experience, another addition to the Medal of Honor series. For all those who have waited this long, you have to wait for another few days as the latest version of this exciting game will hit the market stores from mid October, or rather October 12th to be precise.

Gamers Delight – Free Medal Of Honor For Xbox Or PS3

Medal of Honor is the new gaming sensation that is about to take your breath away. It is a video game that is about war and has a lot of shooting.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Game Console

PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii now have competition, the new and modified Xbox 360 Elite system Game Console an updated version of Xbox 360. This newly modified version of the Xbox 360 has the enhanced HDMI feature and a hard disk of 120 GB. It is now available in black colour and is said to be six times larger than the original Xbox 360. The expandable memory is so huge than it can accommodate the full library of Xbox Live Arcade Games.

Classic Game Review: Evening Star 1987

Evening Star is a classic long train simulation game. Its a genius game which brought us all new simulation games we play now, read full review of the game.

Why Nintendo Gamecube Console Is Your Best Choice

Though Nintendo Gamecube console may seem like a toy, it happens to be a herculean video game console with the potentials to hold its place with newer game systems anytime. As a matter of fact, the Gamecube’s attractive design and compactness does not contain the features contained in most other game machines, yet it stands out.

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