THE GUIDE EXPLAINED! Overview of the structure, motivation and goals

In this video we explain the structure of THE GUIDE and what our motivation and targets are. This video should give you a better idea what kind of videos you can expect.
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For FIFA 19 we want to help you guys with information, tips and tricks as well as detailed tutorial videos to improve your gameplay! These videos combined together will form THE GUIDE, a project that has the vision to help all FIFA players from beginner to pro!
This video is dedicated to the offense and shows you how to utilise the three touch roulette to beat the defender and create dangerous chances. It can turn around the situation immediately and will help you to open up the opponents defense. Please make sure to leave a like and subscibe to our channel if this video helps you out!

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Wii Games – How To Play Them Like A Pro Fast

Have you heard the news? There is a new kid in town called the Nintendo Wii. What makes this system popular are the games. Here are a few tips on how to play the Nintendo Wii games.

Games For Xbox 360 – Simply Mind-Blowing

There are video games, and there are games for Xbox 360. Just like the console, the games for Xbox 360 have opened up a minefield of problems for the rest in the fray. It’s no wonder that their collective morale seems to have folded up like a tent. Ever wondered why the XBox games are so good?

PSP Game Demos

The gaming world has enjoyed an unprecedented surge in popularity over the past ten years. Typically, the buzz over the latest consoles begin long before those consoles are released to the public. The Playstation system was no different. Due to high demand and record sales after its launch, Sony released the Portable Sony Playstation (known widely as the PSP) and began offering a huge variety of games for the handheld gaming system. Because these PSP games can be costly (especially if several games are purchased at once), Sony began offering demos of the games so people could get a taste for the game before buying.

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If you browse the Internet you will find a wide array of PS2 games which have redefined the gaming arena. Some remarkable Playstation 2 games include the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series and WWE Smackdown series.

Download Free Games For PSP Right Now

You may be wondering where you can download free games for psp. You may even be looking for a place to download movies and music as well. Or you may want to stop spending all the money you have. And you may want to get them right now. When you read this article you will know exactly where to get them.

Where To Buy Cheap Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has built up a pretty impressive list of games over the past few years. Finding these Xbox 360 games cheap can save you lots of money and allow you to build the Xbox 360 game collection of your dreams.

Nintendo Ds Wifi Connection – Good News For Gamers

Nintendo ds wifi connection and new games to use mulitplayer function. Newly released game for Nintendo Wii will allow the Wii console and the Nintendo DS to be linked together using the Nintendo DS wifi connection. If you own both a Nintendo DS console and a Wii console you can link the two using the Nintendo DS wifi connection and use the multiplayer mode.

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Having come from a background of playing table top Dungeons and Dragons, I was very excited when I learned of a Dungeons and Dragons PSP version. Could this finally the Dungeons & Dragons conversion we have been waiting for all these years. Well, the short answer is YES and NO. Confused? Well, let me explain.

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An honest review of the game 300 March to Glory based on the blockbuster movie. I’m sure many of you have seen the Movie 300 which may be one of the reasons why you are interested in looking at this game.

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PlayStation 3 is definitely the hottest console to buy this Christmas. If you know you are getting one or are already a proud owner, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending the Christmas holidays with one of these 5 games…

Nintendo System Wii Download Game – Wii By Nintendo

In the download game, Wii is no different than any platform. if a gamer can download games to Wii, they’re going to do it, if they can. This issue really is whether it is really worthwhile to download game wii, or is it better to buy the discs.

Is Download PSP Games Unsafe?

If you love PSP games and have a hand held device you would need to download PSP games from the internet. There are even a lot of websites that offer free PSP games to download. If you are considering this option beware of the risk involved.

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