“Sadio, man. Relax!” Liverpool Players Pick Each Other’s FIFA 21 Ratings!

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Killzone Mercenary: Beta Impressions

Everybody has a game or series that they just don’t quite “get”, something they have difficulty deciphering just what the fuss is all about. For me one of those franchises is the PlayStation exclusive first person shooter Killzone and, it seems I’m not alone in that view.

Disney Infinity Brings Characters to Life!

Disney Interactive’s upcoming Disney Infinity video game, a physical/game world split-reality platformer being developed by Avalanche Software for release in mid-August later this year, will offer players a unique Disney/Pixar spin on the concept of action figures using Near Field Communication (NFC) integrated within video games. Following the groundbreaking success of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure toys-and-game model, Disney Infinity will feature its beloved characters and exciting new ways to play and create. Into Infinity Each copy of Infinity comes with a three-pack of collectible physical toys, modeled after popular properties from the Disney/Pixar library.

Disney Infinity Preview

Disney Infinity was one of the most popular booths at this year’s E3. It could be that they were giving away T-shirts or the action figures you could use when the game launches but I have a hunch that people were also just curious to play it. Basically, Disney wants a piece of Activision’s Skylanders pie. As you probably know, in Skylanders you have action figures that you can level up in the game and you can bring them over to your friend’s house and play your characters there. It’s a really cool idea and it’s been uncontested for two years now. With recognizable brands and almost unlimited potential for new gameplay experiences, Disney could really give Skylanders a run for its (and your) money.

Minecraft (XB360)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, I’m sure you’ve heard of the mega-successful title Minecraft. Just this past year there’s been a marketing frenzy with all sorts of Minecraft toys, posters and T-shirts. Minecraft has now become a household name, similar to Pokemon and Skylanders, much to the dismay of plenty of confused parents. The experience has been pretty odd for the casual gamer as well, since Minecraft was first in an open beta for the PC and you could actually pay for the game while it was still in development. Finally, developer Mojang and creator Markus Perrson aka Notch released the fully finished game on the PC in November of 2011. The game was released to Xbox Live Arcade last summer and finally in June of 2013 it had a full retail disc.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Imagine a world full of talking animals, an atmosphere that resembles a Willy Wonka paradise and a bunch of random fruit trees and dinosaur fossils littered across the city. This is Animal Crossing, and it’s fair to say it’s wildly strange. You know what though? It’s downright fun. If you’ve been looking for a great handheld game or even a reason to own a Nintendo 3DS this could be the title that you’re looking for.

Halo 4 War Games, Simple Tips for Improving in Multiplayer

This article provides over 50 tips that you can apply when playing Halo 4 War Games. My advices ranges greatly from how to best utilize power weapons to how to maximize the effect of your grenades. I further discuss in detail how to create the optimum loadout for War Games and how to gain experience with maximum efficiency. Experienced and inexperienced players alike will both benefit greatly from the strategies and tactics that I present in this article.

Destiny Preview

Without a doubt one of the biggest games of this year’s E3 was Destiny, the first new IP from Bungie in over a decade. None of us knew what to expect as we all waited in line to enter Bungie’s private theater. We were showered with swag such as T-shirts and stickers but the three hour wait still seemed like an eternity. Guess what? It was totally worth it. Bungie’s Destiny is going to blow our socks off when it gets released next year, and I for one can’t wait to start the adventure as soon as possible.

The Five Best PS3 Games for Pure Fun

Some games are beautiful, others have a great story but sometimes I just want some pure fun. I am thinking of games that aren’t too serious and won’t push you through an array of emotions (no heavy rain here). Below are my top five games for the PS3 when you need to just have fun.

Skylanders SWAP Force Characters

A brief look at the Skylanders SWAP Force, the latest characters from the Skylanders franchise. Although the game does not release until October, we have a lot of information already.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown! New Games Taking The Third And Fourth Quarter by Storm

With the year already entering its second half, the gaming industry is getting ready for new releases in this most profitable time of the year. The people at the leading companies at the forefront of technological advances and digital entertainment have had their hands full for several years already and they are about to release games for mouth-frothing fans all over the world.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PS4?

The last few years fans have showed their desire for a remake of probably one of the most beloved games in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 7. Former Square Enix president Yoichi Wada turned down all speculation over a possible remake due to the fact that there were other projects in the works and a remake was out of the question until they made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FF7. Although he never ruled out the possibility of a remake, he just simply stated that there was no plans as of yet. But that was then and this is now, Yoichi Wada is out and Yosuke Matsuda is in. Does that change anything?

Why Does The Last Boss In Final Fantasy Games Have Such A Great Impact?

We’ve all been there in Final Fantasy games, hours of time poured into a game, thousands of monsters laid to waste at your hand, the most powerful weapons and armour you can find equipped and the Last Boss staring you down with a malevolent grin. You’re excited, heart racing, palm sweaty as “One-Winged Angel”, “Nascent Requiem” or “Dancing Mad” kicks in. Your whole adventure has led up to this moment and you, the player are just as on edge as the virtual characters on the screen are. But why?

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