“In TOTY I was 94!” Real Madrid Players Decide Each Other’s FIFA 21 Ratings!

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Interesting Facts About Songbird and His Involvement in Bioshock Infinite

If there is any villain character that many gamers will try to avoid in their favorite video games, then Songbird might be one of them (and the other one would be Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within). Booker Dewitt, which is the main and the only playable character in Bioshock Infinite, is given a job by Lutece twins, Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, to help a girl named Elizabeth to get out from Columbia and bring her safely to New York.

The Story About Bioshock Infinite Booker and His Involvement in the Game

In Bioshock Infinite, Booker Dewitt is narrated as a guy who always feels guilty and depressed by all of his mistakes in the past. Driven by the needs to wipe off his debts and get out from all of his problems, Booker then makes such a horrible decision in his life. He sells his baby daughter, Anne Dewitt, to a guy named Robert Lutece, which is under the command of Comstock.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Marvel has been doing quite well lately. Last year’s summer blockbuster The Avengers smashed numerous box office records and Marvel successfully merged with mega-corporation Disney- things have been going Marvel’s way for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since we were given a quality video game based on the Marvel Universe. With Lego: Marvel Superheroes, TellTale Games hopes to change that. In many ways, it’s the best Lego game yet but at the same time it does overreach in certain aspects.

Grand Theft Auto V

Well, it’s happened. We finally get another Grand Theft Auto after almost six years of waiting. There’s a lot to go wrong with a game this big but Rockstar has somehow managed to develop a game that’s nearly perfect. That being said, there are some little problems with the overall product that leaves it very close to being one of the best video games of all time.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – The Original World War 2 Game Makes A Comeback!

Wolfenstein 3D set new standards for gaming when it was first released back in 1992. It’s been quite some time since the Wolfenstein series saw a new release. But just as many of us were beginning to think of the series as classics from yesteryear, it turns out Wolfenstein is about to resurface from its grave. But can it keep up the reputation, or will this be a nail in the coffin that this well respected series doesn’t really need?

How to Score Really BIG (1000+!) in Fruit Ninja Arcade

You all love playing Fruit Ninja on your smartphone/tablet/console right? But ever wondered how to make your usual score from hundreds to a thousand-and-beyond points? This article will tell you how….

Five Games That Prove There’s Life In The Gen Yet

There’s life in PS3 and Xbox360 yet. These five games prove it.

Pikmin 3 Review

The first two Pikmin games came out on the Gamecube, and while they got ports on the Wii with new motion controls, we didn’t see a new entry in the series for the entire run of the Wii. Now with the Wii U we finally have Pikmin 3, a sequel that doesn’t necessarily feel like a sequel. This isn’t a bad thing though- in fact, it is probably one of the things that makes Pikmin 3 so good.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

It’s easy to see why 2013 is Luigi’s year when it brings games like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. I was certainly excited to finally get my hands on the game and play through it. Poor Luigi has always ridden on the coattails of his more successful older brother Mario, but with this title we almost forget that Mario even exists at all. With a great and entertaining single player portion and a more than adequate multiplayer, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a must-own for any 3DS owner.

Zelda As a Protagonist

I happened across an interesting article from Nintendo Enthusiast detailing a theoretical idea for a Legend of Zelda title; one where Zelda is the protagonist and player-controlled character rather than Link. The author was curious as to why it had not been done before, and was asking if Zelda was just an incapable character for leading a title of her own.

The Sony PS4 Games Console Technical Details – Part Two

Going up against the Xbox One from Microsoft, the Sony PlayStation 4 will have to be an exceptional performer as well as offering the consumer value for money. We take a look at the technical aspects of this high end games console.

Free To Play: Fad Or Future?

There’s only one move left, hastily skimming the field I discover there is no path to victory on the board – painfully then with a singular swipe across the screen I take the final step towards the inescapable loss of my final life. As the input is complete the newly aligned brightly coloured trio of candy exuberantly bursts against the backdrop of defeat as the stage expectedly fails to clear – immediately a window splays itself across my phones display. Chirpily full of itself the box informs me for a small price I can buy a few more lives and…

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