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Modern Warfare 2 – From Player Classes to Unleashing Nukes

Modern Warfare 2 players would not be thrilled any less than I while witnessing the real like graphics, kill streak rewards and bonuses that one may get during this game. Although these alone sound quite interesting, there is more to the game. This series of Call of Duty provides players to choose different player classes and even make some of their own as per their wish.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Prepare For the Ultimate War Zone

Find out what has made this the number 1 selling game of all time! The missions and live game play make this a must play game.

Take a Head Start With Intel Locations Around Modern Warefare 2

In Modern Warfare 2 we start off as players with our aim to collect all maps throughout each level, there is also the added task to get enemy intelligence as well. These enemy intelligence units, referred to as Intel’s throughout the game have been placed in the form of laptops, (not more than 4 in each level). In this article, I’ll be mentioning a few locations and a few tips to get the rest of Intel locations for all 45 Intel laptops.

Modern Warfare 2 – Learn to Play It My Way

Modern Warfare 2 is no doubt one of the greatest action games that I have come across. My previous favorites included the fierce man, Max Payne himself who used his time combos, and got to hit more people in less time. However, in what I see, Call of Duty seems to have raised the bars for action games to a much higher level than most of us might have ever thought of.

What is a Bit-Wise Copy and How Can it Help You to Copy Xbox 360 Games?

The problem with trying to copy Xbox 360 games is that the publishers don’t want you to be able to do it and so, consequently, they have devised some pretty cunning ways of stopping you putting the disc into your optical drive and dragging some files across. Now that’s all well and good if you are a software pirate who is trying to leech money from the efforts of others, but what if you have bought a legitimate copy of the game and you simply want to make a backup in case the original gets lost or damaged. That’s seems perfectly fair to me, after all you’ve paid a lot of cash for the software in the first place – you should be able to protect that investment. Well, if that’s the case then there is help at hand in the form of a bit wise copier.

Learning Something Extra to Conquer in Modern Warfare 2

Much of the game controls and playing options are similar and old players would not be astounded or surprised to get into conditioning their fingers again on their gaming consoles. But, what makes it exciting and the most wanted game today is the customization of player classes and new maps, new levels and certainly the player classes and kills streak rewards which could be unleashed upon continuing the game play.

Modern Warfare 2 – More Action With the Resurgence Map Pack

Modern Warfare 2 was definitely another epic installment released by Infinity Ward in the Fall 2009. However, it still does not fail to thrill its audience world over with its amazing graphics, more advanced weapons, more mobility, and lots more of that is still coming.

How to Copy Any Xbox 360 Game in Three Simple Steps

If you have ever tried to make a backup of an Xbox 360 game you will know that its not just a simple case of putting the original game disc in the drive and dragging some files across. The reason for this is, of course, that the games publishers have implemented some pretty sophisticated copy protection routines to stop people from pirating their software. But, if you know how, its actually really easy to make a backup copy of any Xbox 360, or for that matter any other disc, in just 3 simple steps. Here’s how its done.

Best Ways of Maintaining the R4ds Cards

Children as well as adults love gaming on the Nintendo. It provides the perfect gaming experience while you are in the indoors. More people prefer to spend a lot of time gaming on the Nintendo rather than just sitting and wasting time in front of the idiot box.

5 Best Varieties of Puzzle Games

There are many different types of puzzle games. Here are five of the best varieties of puzzle games out there and some modern equivalents!

How to Set Up Games in HDTV

If you recently bought an HDTV, you probably want to know the best way to set up your games and HDTV to make your gaming experience one that is in high definition. In order to make it so your games are played in high definition on your HDTV, you should follow these steps. When you get your HDTV, make sure that you have the appropriate HDMI cables.

Here’s How You Can Burn PlayStation 3 Games on Your Computer

It’s clear that numerous PlayStation 3 players are curious if you can copy PlayStation 3 discs. A lot of PS3 players aren’t sure the way to do it and we regularly get questions about this. If you want to find a way to copy PlayStation 3 video games, we’re about to discuss how to make it happen.

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