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Dragon Warrior Review

The video game Dragon Warrior released for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the classic games that really defines the RPG genre. Although modern games like Neverwinter Nights or Elder Scrolls: Oblivion show the true potential of an RPG game combined with 3d graphics, there is no way to truly enjoy the magnitude of these games without first appreciating the games that created this genre of video games like Dragon Warrior. This game may seem a bit cheesy at first with a traditional knight trying to save a princess story.

Copy Xbox 360 Games – Xbox 360 Game Copying Myths Busted

In this article I will explain and debunk 3 separate myths all to do with copying your Xbox 360 games. So buckle up and enjoy the ride because for the first time ever I will be blasting Xbox 360 game copying myths out of the sky, just like if I was playing battlefield. So keep reading this article.

Copy PS3 Games at Home in a Single Click

PS3 is the best gaming console available in the market which money can buy. By completing 3 generations it has evolved into an unmatched console in every aspect. May it be graphics, game play or simply good looks, nothing is better than the PS3.

How to Make Back Up Xbox 360 Games – The Easiest & Quickest Way to Begin Backing Up Your Games

If you don’t know by now, the Xbox 360 is the best gaming system Microsoft has ever produced. With the cutting edge graphics and game play of its games, it is no wonder why almost every avid gamer has an Xbox 360 system.

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error & 2 Red Lights Error – Fix Within an Hour

The Xbox 360 is a great gaming console and a lot of have played it at some given time whether by a friend or you own one. However with every product that is put out on the market it is never perfect and hence you the consumer will soon find out the faults after a while.

Learn How to Lose Weight in Fable – 2-3 Simple and Effective Tips to Look Fit & Sexy in the Game

Want to make your character sexy and attractive in fable 2? Looking for an easy answer of how to lose weight in fable 2? Want to apply these rules to get a slim and attractive figure in real life? It’s possible to lose weight in the game fable 2 with 3 simple steps and get a good looking character with a dream body-line. Let’s learn these easy tips to lose weight in the game and be a winner.

Battle it Out For the Gold in PS3 Fight Night Round Four

These boxing games are pretty much reliant on both the amount and abilities of the boxers, and Fight Night Round Four gets high marks in both categories. Fight Night Round Four gives you plenty of prizefighters to step into the ring with…

Burning Xbox 360 Games For Cheap

To start burning Xbox 360 games your going to need 3 things. A DVD burner, high quality DVD-R disks and the proper software. In this article I’m going to review for you an inexpensive setup that will still produce good quality backups. I’ll show you how you can start making backups for the about the cost of just 1 game!

Gamefly Review – Is it Worth It?

I’m sure you’re aware of all the video rental games that are currently available online. If you’re anything like me, I was wondering and had to ask myself if it is really worth it, until I read a Gamefly review.

Back Up Xbox 360 Games – Learn How You Can Almost Instantly Make Exact Duplicates of Your Game Disks

Are you tired of buying the same game over and over because your disks keep breaking? Read this article to find out how you can make exact backup copies of virtually any game!

An Easy Way to Back Up Your PS3 Games

Using Blu-ray discs as a media to store games on is no guarantee for keeping the game without any scratches and sunlight exposure. Blu-Ray discs are just as vulnerable as any regular DVD.

At PS3 Fight Night Round 4 Hit Your Rival Tough, His Financial Institution Account Tougher

So, you say you’re ready to prove that you are the king of the PS3 Fight Night ring, the champ of PS3 sport video games, the guy who can get the most uppercuts in. Then get in on the console game action with some Fight Night Round 4 battles. This is where the real battle begins, when you play sports games for money.

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