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Learn How to Become a Game Tester and Love Your Job

Want to become a game tester? Learn how you can today.

Become a Game Tester and Have a Super Cool and Fun Job

Love playing video games? Why not try to get a job as a game tester?

Video Game Tester Jobs – Learn About the Best Job For the Video Game Fanatic

Looking to put your video game skills to the ultimate usage? Get a job as a video game tester, and learn about it in this article.

XBox Kinect Builds Off of the Wii

Last year, when an in-development, motion-sensing Xbox 360 device was first presented by Microsoft in an initial preview, many people sensed that the Wii would soon be facing some tough competition when it came to motion-sensing action games. The Wii has, however, benefited from a head start in the field yet the Xbox 360 Kinect will offer some definite advantages.

Halo Elites Are Aliens With Attitude

Learn some fun and interesting information on Halo Elites. Elites are big scary aliens that are fun to shoot at and take as allies.

How to Play 80’s Arcade Games For Free

In the 80’s, arcade games were only for those who were ready to spend several coins to play a game. Today, with the advancement in technology, the 80’s arcade games may now be played for free. Read on and know how!

Tips For Playing an Elf in Shadowrun

In the game of Shadowrun Elves are the fast annoying pests that will get you if you aren’t constantly watching behind you. This my friend is the way you should go about playing an elf. The difference between a decent elf and a great one comes down to being sly and I will give you a few tips to help achieve your goal.

Backup Games Before it is Too Late – I Was Lucky

I didn’t think too much about trying to backup my 360 games, or any games for that matter. I have always thought that I took good care of my game discs. I feel that I take good care of all my CD’s and DVD’s actually. Well I had a wakeup call that made me think, “I need to backup my games.”

Originals Versus Sequels – The Future of Gaming

As an avid gamer, mostly on consoles it has to be said, I am always keen to see the latest games and ideas that game developers have come up with to push the boundaries of the technology available. Recently though the (disappointing in my opinion!) trend in the gaming industry, seems to be to releasing sequels or ‘tweaking’ an original idea and recycling it as this years ‘must have game’.

Discover How to Copy PS3 Games on Your Computer!

It’s very clear that a great deal of PlayStation 3 owners are wondering if you can copy Playstation 3 video games. A lot of PS3 players do not know the way to do it and we frequently get questions about it. If you’d like to know how to duplicate PS3 discs, we’re about to teach you how to make it happen.

How to Copy PS3 Games to Backup Your Games

Duplicating PlayStation 3 video games is on the minds of numerous gamers! Many people aren’t sure the way to do it and we are regularly getting questions about it. In this guide we’re going to review precisely how you can burn PS3 games.

Try These Family Oriented Top Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii was developed with a broad audience in mind, and some of the biggest beneficiaries of this are families with young children. Finding video games that are appropriate for kids can be hard, but with the Wii, the easy to use controller has become a way for even toddlers to play games. The top Wii games for families, rated E for Everyone, are fun challenges and activities so that players young and old can enjoy them.

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