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Madden 13 Play: Gun Tight Flex – WR Cross

If you want to be a proficient passer in Madden 13, you have to do a lot more than pick a popular play and hope for the best. The difference between a good and great passing game in Madden is all about the reads you make, and there’s few plays that were better designed to benefit you for making the proper reads than WR Cross from the Gun Tight Flex formation.

NBA 2K13 Tips

NBA 2K13 tips are in this article for offense and defense. Need NBA 2K13 cheats to dominate your opponent? Learn how to destroy the competition now.

Surviving the First Days of Minecraft!

Tips and Tricks for the hit game minecraft! Learn to survive your first few days on a survival world!

Will a Remake of Final Fantasy VI Be a Good Thing?

In this article I outline my personal opinion on the rumour that Final Fantasy VI may be getting a remake. This is based on my current knowledge of recent Square-Enix remakes.

A “New” Pokemon?

So Pokemon X and Y were released, but what’s really different about them? Will Nintendo actually be doing anything differently, or will it just be the same old Pokemon?

Fez Review

Fez was in development for five years and was originally announced by creator Phil Fish on July 17th, 2007 and the game wasn’t released until April 13th, 2012 after being pushed back. After the extended development and being pushed back many gamers were wondering if the game would actually ever be released, and upon the games release it would meet extremely high expectations. It does.

LEGO Lord of the Rings

Every time I pick up a LEGO video game, I know what I am going to get, but it always seems to surprise me anyway. Lord of the Rings was the biggest surprise I have had with any LEGO game so far. While the gameplay doesn’t stray too far from the normal platforming fare, it has certain RPG elements like quests and upgradable items which, while tedious at times, definitely add to the game’s replay factor. Also adding to replay value are the many side quests all around Middle Earth and over 80 unlockable characters with unique play styles, from archer to berserker.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Play Assassin’s Creed 3 Today!

Assassin’s Creed 3 has been released since October and it’s probably one of the biggest games that Ubisoft has to offer as of this moment. Take a look at some of the best reasons why you should check this game out!

How to Become A Videogame Tester

These days finding a job you love doing is extremely rare and hard to come by. Video games have always been a passion of mine but wasn’t a constructive way for me to spend my time until I started working as a videogame tester over 15 months ago and since then I have NEVER thought of looking back.

How to Earn All Trophies and Achievements in Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is an open world first person shooter that takes place on a group of islands. The game starts on the northern island. To reach the southern island you have to progress in the story. Everything was designed in a very userfriendly way that will allow you to find all collectibles and side quests without much help. All the information you need is shown on the world map. In the top right corner of the map are coordinates that will make it a lot easier to navigate through this gigantic open world. The fast travel system allows you to move from one important location to another. This feature will save a lot of time on your way to platinum! There are a total of 12 story related trophies and many others will come naturally. The 6 Co-Op trophies are also straight forward and all you need to do is beating each map on any difficulty. There are no difficulty requirements for any trophies, so feel free to start your journey on easy.

The Guide to Halo 4 Vehicles, Using and Overcoming Every Vehicle

In this article, I describe in detail every vehicle in Halo 4. I weigh each vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses and I provide the best tactics for using every one. For all of the covenant vehicles, I also provide the best strategy for either hijacking or destroying them. Notice that the strategies in this article are intended to be used in Campaign and Spartan Ops, although many of them will work in War Games as well.

Why Bringing The TimeSplitters Series To Next Generation Consoles Is A Good Idea

TimeSplitters is a series every gamer will know if they’ve played the classic games on Playstation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. TimeSplitters brought gamers the ability to play full multiplayer games with or without friends, using bots as enemies. These games could continue to entertain players for hours and only increased with popularity with every game released. Sadly the series never made the move to the next generation of consoles, and since the developer was bought-out, the games have sat in sequel limbo. A petition is currently circling the internet asking gamers to sign if they want the TimeSplitters series to be immortalised in a HD Collection, as so many classic game series’ have been.

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