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Expert Revealed How to Copy and Burn Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 is the one of most famous gaming console in the world. Their price is increased day by day because of the popularity.

What it Really Takes to Be a Games Tester

If you are one of the many enthusiastic youngster who’s hopeful of a lucrative career in the gaming industry, then you need to read this. The media often seduces us into the false belief that things aren’t what they seem and the gaming industry is riddled with media hype. In recent years video games testers got portrayed as these rich young kids who just play video games all day long.

The Safe Way to Copy Xbox Games

It is very important to copy all of your Xbox 360 games before they become damaged. This will ensure that if disaster strikes you will not have to fork out lots of money to replace the original game. Discover the safe way of doing this today.

Drakengard – A Bizzare Classic Cult Hit

Drakengard was released in English (it was released under the name Drag-On Dragoon in Japan) in the summer of 2004 and while the game never became very big or sold very much, it became a cult hit due to a certain number of factors. Drakengard is an action rpg with game play elements very reminiscent of the Panzer Dragoon series but also mixes in Dynasty Warriors into itself and with the help of everything else surrounding the game, it becomes a unique game capable of standing on its own feet.

Who Else Wants to Make Long Flights Exciting As Opposed to Boring?

Find out how the Nintendo DS Lite can be a perfect travel companion. Make transcontinental flights feel like they fly by!

Why Copy Xbox Games?

Having a favourite Xbox game means you probably play it a lot. However this can lead to the disk getting damaged and then you will not be able to play anymore unless you replace the expansive game. Of course if you have a backup copy you won’t need to pay out every time you damage a disc.

Video Games For Kids

In this article I’d like to stress a little of the pros and cons of video games intended for kids, for the reason that in spite of all the off-putting press video games pick up, especially in regard to kids, I do believe there is the possibility for a lot of good.

Final Fantasy 9 Review

Some games never grow old. The Final Fantasy series is definitely one of them. After the 9th addition the series went away from the PSX to focus more on the PS2 and now the PS3. But sometimes it’s really fun to re-live the classics. With Sony offering the older games on the Playstation store maybe this is the time to get back to the roots and remind yourself why final fantasy is so great. But is part 9 worth playing all over again this year?

Reiner Knizia Games on iPod Touch

Reiner Knizia is a German game designer who has won numerous awards and is known for having developed his first game at the tender age of six. He has designed well over 500 games; he is highly acclaimed as a designer, having won some of the highest recommendations of the designing world.. Knizia has also designed various game applications specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch, including Monumental, Roto and Robot Master.

Space Invaders – The Space Game Superstar

This article recounts the origins and history of the Space Invaders video game. Released in 1978, it became an instant hit and continues to be successful to this day.

Will SOCOM 4 Be a Great Addition to the PlayStation 3?

It was recently announced that SOCOM 4 will be released on the PlayStation 3. Many gamers have been arguing about whether or not it will be worth getting and debating if Sony should announce this game.

Why Renting PS2 Games is Smarter Than Buying

Have you ever bought a PS2 game title and ended up regretting because the game was boring? Avoid this problem now by testing the games before buying them. Rent PS2 games online be only paying a monthly subscription fee and get as many titles as you like.

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