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The Western Fires Back

Of all the genres in modern video games none has been as overlooked as the western. Recently while heralding the release of Red Dead Redemption Nylon Magazine (May, 2010) lamented the lack of decent video games centered on the rich scenery and sub plots of the traditional American western. While war battle zones, outer space and imaginary post-apocalyptic wastelands have no shortage of video games based in reality and fantasy the seemingly perfect western setting has had a long time making it to the video game spotlight.

Learn How to Successfully Backup Your PS3 Games and Other Console’s Discs

Are you looking for ways to backup your PS3 Games? If so, please continue to read. This is an article that will save you a lot of headaches.

How Do You Copy PS3 Games? An Answer to Your Question

Since you own a PS3 system, you have probably been concerned about losing or damaging one of your PS3 disks since even though the game is sophisticated, it is only a simple DVD. More than likely, you don’t have backups of your games, meaning you have or might have to eventually replace these disks.

Overheating – A Possible Cause of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Xbox 360 is a renowned and liked video game console, acknowledged for its unbelievable quality of graphics with the option to play online. Currently it is one of the best video game consoles on the market, but there are a few problems. The most common problem is the “red ring of death”, which mean that a red light is lit around the power button, when there is a problem with the Xbox. Specifically, it means that there is a hardware failure, which means it has to be shipped back to Microsoft in order to be fixed. But since it is a very widespread and common problem, Microsoft offers an extended warranty; they will repair any problem free of charge, including the red ring of death.

Xbox – Best Way to Look For Codes

Many people want to look around for the codes for their Xbox 360’s. It is really hard to find the codes unless you know where exactly to look for them. There are two options available to you. You can look online and you can read for hints in the magazines. Both have their positives and negative. We will now take a look at both of these options and find out which one is better than the other.

How to Copy a PS2 Game the Easy Way – Making Duplicate Copies of Your Games Never Been This Easy

Most avid video gamers have experienced their discs getting scratched and freeze ups due to damage done to the game disc. It wasn’t even possible to copy a PS2 game not too long ago due to the powerful encryption code placed on the PS2 game disc by the game developers who created them.

New Copy Protection System Eliminates Back Up Games on Modified Game Consoles

For you to be able to play your console games you have to be online. That is the newest trend in copy protection and will completely eliminate playing back up games on any modified game console!

How to Backup Your Xbox Game For the Xbox 360 Gaming Console

If you want to backup an Xbox game you need to get the necessary tools for the task. If you don’t have the necessary tools you will waste a lot of time and put your Xbox 360 gaming console at risk.

Detailed Repair Guide – What You Need To Get Your Xbox Ring Of Death Repaired By Yourself

A major problem that Xbox 360 users encounter is the ring of death issue. Most gamers think they have no choice of repairing this problem except they send it to Microsoft for repair. This will certainly cost them $140 of sent to Microsoft and with an expired warranty, even without shipping cost! This article will reveal to you simple and cheap way of getting your Xbox 360 ring of death issue solved.

Have Fun With Wii Fit

So what is Wii Fit? It is an fitness video game played on Wii by Nintendo. Wii Fit has exercise games to help you lose weight and to stay healthy. Now you can enjoy your fitness session and have fun at the same time; no longer need to leave the house or pay any subscription fee.

How to Backup Ps2 Games Fast & Easy – Everything You Need to Do to Make Copies of Your Games

Making backup PS2 games is not hard once you know what to do. Making these backup copies is well worth it once you know that you don’t have to worry about your gaming disc getting damaged or misplaced.

Is Backing Up Your Complete Console Game Collection a Waste of Time?

If you have scratches on your console games so they do not work anymore, you may ask yourself if it is a waste of time to try to create a back up of your entire game collection. Is the backup game going to work?

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