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5 Simple Steps to Copy XBox 360 Games That Anyone Can Do

If you have just damaged your favourite Xbox 360 game disc beyond repair then you will know how expensive the mistake was. I actually had one of my discs damaged just by putting it into my Xbox 360 – now that’s something I just couldn’t avoid. So what can you do if you have just trashed that $50 disc?

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games Without a Modchip

Most Xbox 360 gamers that I know have one major complaint about this fantastic system. The games can be very expensive to buy. New games can often cost as much as $50 or more, and even classic games can costs $20. In these tough economic times, that’s a lot of money.

Copy Xbox Games With Game Copy Software

Ladies and gentleman. Preparing backup versions of your Xbox 360 games is always a good idea. I am going to teach you what you should to know about backing up your games. But first, we will discuss why you would want to backup games and whether or not doing so is legal.

Skate Away to Victory and Snag Your Rival’s Cash at PS3 NHL 10

Need your sports video games packed with quick skimming and powerful brawling? Prepared to slash and fight your track to a outstanding conquest? All set to exhibit to the video game world that your PS3 NHL2K handiness is unquestionable?

3 Tips For Aspiring Games Testers

If you have the dream of laying games for a living then you are sharing a dream with thousands of gamers from all over the world. In this extremely competitive industry the rewards are immense. Think about it; getting paid for something you love to do – and having all the perks that comes from working for these big gaming companies.

Storage Device R4 DS

The DS storage devices are used to store home brew images, downloaded games, etc. The Nintendo r4 DS is the best available storage for games and lots more. It offers the best possible enhancing options for media files, music, read only memory files and more all with the convenience of not having to bother with any software.

Great Wii Games to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming

As a guy, video games are a staple in my life. However, having a girlfriend significantly can impede on the video game time, especially when she isn’t interested in gaming or doesn’t understand its appeal. Thanks to the Wii and its collection of games for everyone, it’s now possible to get the best of both worlds, time with your girlfriend and time with your video games. Here’s a list of games that will help you get your girlfriend interested in playing games.

Don’t Buy PlayStation 2 Games Till You Read This

Do you buy PlayStation 2 games? Don’t buy a PlayStation 2 game, till you read this article.

Halo – Combat Evolved Retrospective

Back in March 2002, Microsoft’s first console was released in PAL territories. The XBox launch was also accompanied by a fairly good selection of games, with the likes of Dead or Alive 3, Amped, Project Gotham Racing and Halo: Combat Evolved. Little did any of us know back then, that the Bungie developed Halo was going to be such an influential and much loved game, thus forever solidifying its place in gaming’s hall of fame.

How to Copy Xbox 360 Games and Save Serious Money!

An obvious solution to save repeated cost on the same game disc is to copy your original game disc, play the backup copy of your game and keep the original game disc at safe place. This way you will always have the original disc if something happens to the backup copy.

The Story of Uncharted 2

In this article I briefly go over the story of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves which came out on the PS3 in late 2009. I do recommend that you have played or at least know the story of the first game before reading this article.

How to Rip PS3 Games the Easy Way With the Best PS3 Game Copier!

Do you want to know how to rip PS3 games? Well guess what, you can can’t copy PS3 games with standard DVD copying software. You need to get specialized PS3 game copying software.

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