FIFA 20 I Best Long Shot Goals

How is your outside the box game? Watch some of the best Long Shot Goals scored in FIFA 20 featuring Pelé, Puyol, Kane, Mertens and more. Submit your best goal:

From the streets to the stadium, experience two sides of the World’s Game in FIFA 20 – the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA FOOTBALL:

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Top 10 Wii U Games

The Nintendo Wii U has just been released and I have previewed all the games and these are my highly recommend top 10 Wii U games in alphabetical order. There are action games, sports games and games for the family, check out the top Wii U games for your tastes.

5 Things You Need to Do Before Buying A Video Game

The price of games do not come cheap in an unstable economy especially when it is a mega-hit title released from a well-known company. These are some handpicked strategies gamers can use without resorting to starvation or breaking bank accounts.

Top 5 80s Arcade Games

I can remember looking forward to going to the local convenience store as a kid to play the latest arcade games in the 1980’s. My friends and I would dig up as many quarters as we could find and spend countless hours playing these ground breaking games. The late 70′ and early 80’s were known as the “golden age” of the arcade game industry.

The Best Basketball Game Ever

The 2k Franchise has been the best selling basketball game in recent years. No other game on the market compares. There are some so many things that make it different from any game out there.

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations

A complete list of all the FIFA Ultimate Team formations and how they fit into your teams strategies. Knowing about all the various FIFA formations will help you to better understand what works best for your team and how to better defend against your opponents.

Borderlands 2 Review

Gearbox found a way to melt down what makes both Halo and Diablo so successful. You have the polished first person shooter game play of Bungie’s baby, and the incredible sense of wonder while you’re looting creatures like Blizzard’s game Diablo in the first Borderlands. So with a game this good, it wasn’t a surprise that Gearbox decided to develop another entry in the Borderlands series called Borderlands 2.

Great Tips for FIFA 13

Some of the great tips that you will need in order to dominate FIFA 13 for the next year. The top five hints for creating chances, to scoring the goals and becoming a defence to be reckoned with.

Do Any Games Come With the New Wii U Games System?

Wii U games do come with the new console system… but only one of them. And what you already have may work better then you think.

What NHL 13 Could Offer You During the Lockout

If you enjoy watching hockey games but also enjoy video games then NHL 13 is the game for you. More so than ever this game provides rich content, graphics and gameplay sophistication.

Has Halo Changed for Better or for Worse?

With the addition of Halo 4, will 343 Industries’ changes be better for the series, or worse? There are various things to look at such as classes, different primary weapons, and perks.

Expect A Lot From Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

People can expect a lot of good things to come out of the much anticipated launch next month of the Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 game. The previous title that was released actually went on to become the biggest selling game of all time, so huge expectations lie with the sequel.

Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone

This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Halo Reach mission “Winter Contingency” alone without skipping or running by enemies. I describe which weapons to use, where to find them, what enemies you will encounter, and the most efficient way of eliminating them. If you follow this walkthrough carefully, you can easily complete “Winter Contingency” alone on Legendary with no deaths in fewer than 25 minutes.

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