FIFA 20 – FUT Champions Cup Stage I – Day 2

The Knockout Stages of the FUT Champions Cup Stage I kick off in Bucharest. Who will be the final 8 competitors to progress to the third day of competition?

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How to Get Ripped in 30 Days Using the Nintendo Wii

How the Nintendo Wii can get users in the best physical condition.The Zumba fitness routine is an exercise craze that has helped celebrities and athletes alike prepare their bodies for the camera and even the gridiron.

Aliens: Infestation Nintendo DS

With the release of Aliens: Infestation the DS seems to hold its own and continued popularity is growing instead of dying. For those who played Castlevania and enjoyed it Aliens: Infestation is another brilliant title that makes the DS shine.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is another follow up where you can have ‘unrivalled levels of control’. You can play the game ‘your way’. You can lure players into offside and you have the most advanced control than ever before. But we’ve all heard this before.

Sideway: New York PS3

Nox lives in a 3D world and the world of paint is flat and this flat world is the theme of Sideway. Your movements are flat and you can only wrap around a wall or building to move forward. Nox can only move if he is rendered on a wall like paint, he cannot pass in front of it.

Final Fight iOS Game Review

Final Fight was first released in 21 years ago by Capcom. It was a massive hit in arcade gaming and poured money into Capcom coffers like water.

White Knight Chronicles II

A princess has been held captive by a tyrant who rules an evil empire. The empire is a powerful force who wields a giant army of fighting machines. A small rag tag group of freedom fighters are all that stands between freedom and tyranny.

Top Three First Person Shooters to Follow

We are quickly coming up on the holiday season, which to most gamers means one thing: Amazing first person shooters are being released soon. The competition between the FPSs this year will be fierce and deciding where your money goes will be tough. There are three first person shooters that you should keep your eyes on: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Rage.

Gears of War 3 Review: Please Check Life in at the Door

Gears is back and offers the same ball busting, gut spewing pleasure we all know and love. With a few additions like Beast Mode and four player co-op, this is a package bleeding at the sides with content. Gears of War 3 includes the longest campaign Epic has ever created, and the most refined multiplayer experience in the series. Get on your athletic cup. This installment is so good, you’ll feel like you got kicked in the nuts.

Horizon Riders Wii Review

In Horizon Riders you play the role of a mercenary battling armies of robots. The angle of the camera is always behind you and the game takes place on-rails. The Wii remote is a perfect and brilliant choice of controls that responds like a limb attached to your body.

A Wii-Lii Good Time (Groan!) – Why You Should Keep Hold of Your Wii Beyond 2011

The Nintendo Wii is a machine of seemingly limitless possibility. By bringing arcade-style gaming back into the home, with all its immediacy, coin-op simplicity and potential for public humiliation intact, Nintendo have discovered a very basic, and very profitable, piece of information; video games are supposed to be fun. Somewhere, along a derelict road littered with multi-disc epics, hyperbolic adjectives and a rampant desire to prove that games are a ‘legitimate’ source of entertainment, home gaming forgot the fun.

Tetris Axis – Nintendo 3DS

Axis has over 20 modes to play the world’s favorite game. Besides the classic mode you can revert to Tetromino mode, which is a fast paced crazy action which will send your brain into overdrive.

Use The Xbox to Learn Piano Or Keyboard As Well As Your Games Console And Get The Most Out Of It

Although the Xbox has been mainly used for gaming, because of its connectivity to the internet it can be used for so much more these days including learning to play piano or keyboard. Most people have their game consoles set up in their spare room or study room, and this is the room where people chill out after a long day at the office, so it’s a perfect area to set up a piano or keyboard. The Xbox is a fantastic gaming console, and is very popular with both the younger generation and adults.

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