FIFA 20 & FIFA 19 – How to NOT LOSE BALL POSSESSION under PRESSURE | Safe dribbling Tutorial

Learn how to keep the ball by dribbling safely, even when under pressure! CruZzAve shows you the important concepts and techniques that you need to understand in order to master the safe dribbling. The gameplay scenes are captured in FIFA 19, but the concept is still valid for FIFA 20 as well!
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For FIFA 19 we want to help you guys with information, tips and tricks as well as detailed tutorial videos to improve your gameplay! These videos combined together will form THE GUIDE, a project that has the vision to help all FIFA players from beginner to pro!
This video is dedicated to dribbling and shows you everything you need to know about how to keep the ball under pressure and not give the opponent windows to tackle it from you. Please make sure to leave a like and subscibe to our channel if this video helps you out!

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