FIFA 19 World Tour | Lingard & Rashford vs Stormzy & Dapaah

Bang that confetti. It’s FIFA 19 No Rules action as Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard take on Stormzy and Michael Dapaah in the New Kick Off mode. This is the FIFA 19 World Tour:

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Favorite in Game Enemies

What enemies are most popular in games? What games do you most enjoy killing?

Backup PS3 Games – Why You Should Be Doing It

Ever wondered how people backup PS3 games? Well this article will explain it all to you simply and easily.

Copying PS3 Games – It’s Not Illegal, at Least Not According to This Information

People have this perception that it’s illegal but really it’s not. It’s completely legit and here’s a few reasons why it’s safe and completely normal to be doing it.

Copy Ps3 Games – How You Can Do it Legally and Safely

If you’ve ever played Ps3 and had a game scratched or broken you know the agony and frustration it can cause. Personally nothing grinds my gears more then having my games broken and having to buy new ones. At 50-60$ a game it can add up pretty fast.

Nintendo DSi Prototype Had Two DS Slots

Nintendo conceived a third iteration of the Nintendo DS hand-held at the end of 2006, around the time of the Wii’s release. Following instructions from his supervisor, Masato Kuwahara of Nintendo’s Engineering Department began development on the DSi project.

3 Reasons to Play DJ Hero

3 Reasons to play DJ Hero DJ Hero is the newest in a line of games inspired by music. DJ Hero allows you to become a disc jockey without knowing how to sync, or mix music. There are over 100 hip songs that you can mix flawlessly.

Top 3 NDS Screen Problems & Solutions

Nintendo DS brings us many pleasures and happiness in our daily life. However, there are still some small problems which get us confused. The Nintendo DS screen problems which we most frequently come across are as follows:

Left 4 Dead – Valve’s Latest Title Delivers a Tremendously Enjoyable Experience

Have you ever longed for the perfect zombie game? Many of us have, and Valve has done the best job thus far. Left 4 Dead is the latest IP from the well-respected developer/publisher, and it is one of the greatest multiplayer experiences to date. The company has made zombie-killing a truly fun and thrilling process again with this outstanding shooter.

Tips For Choosing the Best Xbox DDR Metal Pad For the Best Scoring Possibilities

Highly interactive video games are becoming quite popular amongst those who have been playing video games for many years and for those who are beginners. Dance Dance Revolution is a wonderful game that is made for all of the popular video game systems and it helps many people to have fun while getting in some exercise each and every day.

Dante’s Inferno Initial Impressions

For those that were busy with all the holiday bustle, the Dante’s Inferno demo was released on the Playstation Network last week Needless to say we downloaded it as soon as it became available and so far, are pretty impressed. Let’s get the dirt out and cover what we don’t like so far. It isn’t much, but we want to be thorough.

Sony PSP Remote Play

Remote Play is a feature that allows a PlayStation Portable user to interact with their PlayStation 3’s Media Bar. Users can access music, videos, photo, PlayStation games, and various applications stored on the PlayStation 3 HDD, or external flash drives and optical media attached to the PlayStation 3.

Sony PSP Accessories

Go Cam – If there is one thing that the PlayStation Portable is missing as a multimedia device, it is a built-in webcam. The Sony PSP already allows for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls to be made, opening up the doors for services like Skype. However, video chat is not an option.

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