FIFA 18 | Goals of the Month | Round 6

The top plays of the month are here! Round 6 of the FIFA 18 Goals of the Month. Which is your number one?

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Sonic Games of Today and Tomorrow

If you are a game lover, you would probably consider sonic games of today as one of your favorites. They offer such a degree of fun and thrills, they are hard to let go once you’ve started playing.

Tiger Woods Wii Games – Why Buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10?

If you own Wii and you love golf, you will definitely want the latest game by Tiger Woods. Wii has created Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. There are a number of different Wii golf games available but this one blows them all away. That’s because the Wii Motion Plus adapter. It reflects your real life golf swing, so if you don’t play well in real life, you won’t do well here. But don’t despair; this game will certainly help you improve your game.

RE5 Achievements – Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is the best-selling video game released in 2009 by Capcom, and has carried on the success of the previous 4 games in the series, by creating a thrilling and scary zombie survival/puzzle/adventure game. Resident evil is now a genre in and of itself. The series now has its own set of codes and conventions that gamers now expect with each new release, and will be disappointed if it doesn’t deliver.

Tekken 6 Bruce – King of Muay Thai

Tekken 6 is the forthcoming game from Namco, and the seventh game in the series (Tekken Tag came after the third game) and will be released on this current generation of consoles in October of 2009, despite being available in the arcades since late in 2007. Tekken 6 Bruce is Tekken’s answer to Sagat in Street Fighter, in his appearance, and that he has long, rangey attack, and is a Muay Thai fighter by trade (as is Sagat).

Tekken Hwoarang – The Tae-Kwon-Do Master

Hwoarang (pronounced ‘hwah-rlang’) is a Tae-Kwon-Do master, who has vowed to dedicate his life to training after he once drew a fight against Jin Kazama (Tekken Hwoarang was previously undefeated against all opponents). Hwoarang’s main motivation for entering the King of Iron Fists Tournament is to face Jin again, to reclaim his pride, and prove to himself that he is undefeatable.

RE5 Weapons – What Are the Best Weapons in the Game?

Resident Evil 5 is the award-winning survival horror game from Capcom, and has been hailed by many as the best game of its generation. The game takes place in Africa, where you must control Chris and Sheva (the game is the first ever co-operative Resident Evil) and try and stop Wesker in his evil mission. Part of Resident Evil 5 now revolves around buying and selling weapons, as well as earning the money do so with.

Final Fantasy 13 Characters – Find Out Who’s in the Game!

Final Fantasy 13 (also known as FFXIII) is the latest game in the massively popular Role Playing Game series created by Square Enix. This is the first game in the series that will be released both on the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3, so both parties will now be able to meet the Final Fantasy 13 characters and experience their adventure.

Kingdom Hearts Atlantica – The Underwater World

The Kingdom Hearts Atlantica world is originally from the 1989 Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid’. In the film the young mermaid Ariel must save her underwater colony from the evil sea witch Ursula. During the film she also meets a prince named Eric, who becomes Ariel’s love interest, and who she eventually ends up with in true Disney fashion.

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Farron – The Main Character of FF13

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning is the main character from the latest game in the highly-popular series. After debuting at the E3 entertainment show back in 2006, the anticipation for the game has steadily risen, and fans have demanded more information about the main character in Final Fantasy 13 – Lightning Farron.

RE5 Jill – Does She Make an Appearance?

Jill Valentine is one of the most well-known female video game characters ever (possibly only trumped by Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft). She has been a mainstay of the Resident Evil series since appearing in the first game and being one of the first to enter the dreaded mansion. Since then she has appeared in every Resident Evil game, right up to RE5.

Buy Final Fantasy XII Online

Whether you’re looking to buy Final Fantasy XII or you just want to find out some more information, you’ve come to the right place. Final Fantasy XII is the latest game (baring spin-offs) in the Final Fantasy series. The game is once again produced by Square Enix, and follows many of the well-known conventions and mechanics that the previous games have built their success on, such as ‘leveling up’ and being able to customize your party’s equipment.

Tekken Story – The Full Story

The main part of the Tekken story revolves around the Mishima and Kazama family, with most of the other characters playing their part in some way, and being indirectly involved in the main story’s events. Each Tekken game follows on the story from where the last game left off and each game makes the story more intriguing and interesting.

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