FIFA 18 – FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Day 3

Watch the final day of competition of the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona.

Tekken Christie – The Capoeira Master!

Christie Monteiro made her debut back in Tekken 4 in 2002 (or 2001 in the arcades). She is essentially Eddy Gordo’s replacement in the series, and like Eddy, is a follower of the Capoeira style, as well as an almost identical moveset. It comes as no surprise then to find that Tekken Christie was taught by Eddy’s master, who is also her grandfather.

A Hedgehog Character Named Sonic

When Sega released sonic the hedgehog little did they know that the animation character would attain celebrity status in no time at all. The name had to be patented in due course of time to ensure that there is not any duplicity.

Sonic the Hedgehog – A Gift to the World of Games

Sonic the hedgehog is a classic animation series, which has its roots in Japan. However, it has managed to take the video game and the animation industry by storm in no time at all.

Tracing the Origins of Sonic the Hedgehog

This scenario was totally changed in 1991 with the introduction of the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega Corporation which is leading the gaming industry for a long time. Creation of this cool blue colored character had successful beat the Super Nintendo Entertainment Campaign and made a revolution history in video games.

What’s Up With the DJ Hero Video Game Series?

The latest spin-off of the popular Guitar Hero video game series is DJ Hero. Instead of being part of the band, this game allows you to try your skills at being a DJ. You can become the life of the party as you play more than 90 unique song mixes designed to please people of all generations, and you’ll be able to spin the deck while playing up your favorite tunes.

Should You Go For a 80 GB PS3 Bundle Or a PS3 Bundle 160?

What is the difference between an 80 GB PS3 bundle and a PS3 bundle 160? There are actually five types of hard drive, the 20GB, 40GB PS3 bundle, the 60GB PS3 bundle, the 80GB PS3 bundle and the newer 160GB. The new PS3 launch date was this past summer.

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games – Magic Software to Crack the Xbox Copyright

A lot of Xbox gamers want to know about how to burn Xbox 360 games. Is it really possible to burn it? Yes.

4 Steps of How to Burn PS2 Games – Fantastic Software For Saving Your Beloved Games

How to burn PS2 games is the top 5 questions from the gamers in the world. All of gamers face the problem about the damage of PlayStation games. As you really know that the game disk will be declined when it was used a lot.

5 Steps of How to Burn PS3 Games – Incredible! You Can Keep Your Beloved Games Forever

“Copy That Game” and “Game Copy Wizard” are the best software to burn PS3 games. However, I will tell you how to burn PS3 games yourself. And you can play your favorite game by using the PS3 backup disc instead of the original.

Burn and Play Xbox 360 Games Without a Modchip

Welcome to my article gaming fanatics, in this article I will teach you how to copy, burn and play your own Xbox 360 games without the use of any specialist equipment such as a modulation chip or any other hardware for that matter. You maybe thinking that to copy your own video games will be a complex process, something that a mortal human being wouldn’t be able to do, however with this article you will be able to copy your own video games in less than 10 minutes of time, yes that’s correct less than 10 minutes. Let’s not waste any time, let’s begin.

Save $1000s on Your Xbox 360 Games

Are you fed up of spending your hard earned money on replacing damaged video games? I bet you are because I know when I wasted at least $200 on replacing broken video games I was fed up and sick of wasting my own money. It wasn’t until I reached breaking point however that I found a solution to the problem.

Games Tips – How to Control NFS Shift

Electronic Arts has officially released the racing game Need For Speed (NFS) Shift. NFS is a racing games that quite success in the market. This is evident from the high number of sales reached 100 million copies. Despite trying to bring a different atmosphere of the game, but this game still leaves a gap, especially in control system.

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