FIFA 17 – FC Bayern in NYC – ft. J.R. Smith, Zedd, David Alaba, Javi Martinez

Watch J.R. Smith and Javi Martinez play FIFA 17 against David Alaba and Zedd in New York.

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Playing Xbox 360 – Backups Are Easier Than You Think

Ever wanted to create perfect working backups of your video games? Then you have come to the right place, because with this article I aim to show you the methods I use to create perfect computer game backups within 10 minutes or less.

How My Grandfather Copies Xbox 360 Games in Less Than 10 Minutes

Yes that right, to test out my how to guide to copy Xbox 360 games, I gave my guide to a 68 year old man who just about knows how to turn a computer on, and guess what happened? In less than 10 minutes he copied an Xbox 360 game.

Backup Xbox 360 Games in Less Than 10 Minutes Or I Will Eat My Hat

Being a gamer I know when I spot a problem in the gaming community, and I look to find a solution, well here goes. The problem is simple Xbox 360 games are very expensive and are often broken by simple mishandling. The solution to this problem is to backup your games.

Backup and Copy Your Nintendo Wii Games – Quickest and Simplest Method Explained

The worst nightmare of any Nintendo Wii gamer is the game disc getting damaged. This is because the console stops reading the game even with a tiny scratch on it. Therefore, to avoid the hassle of buying that game again and again for no reason, it is important for all the gamers to know how to back them up.

Create Copies of Xbox 360 Game DVDs – Secrets of Burning Xbox 360 Games Revealed!

We all know how expensive the Xbox 360 is and so are the game discs. The main issue with owning an Xbox 360 is that the game discs are copy protected and the damage to a disc would mean having to buy the game all over again. This is a common fear among all Xbox owners.

How to Copy Playstation 3 Games – Fastest and the Easiest Method to Burn PS3 Games Explained!

An expensive PS3 game disc getting permanently damaged because of a minute scratch can be really frustrating. Therefore, backing up these games is a wise idea. There are some game copying software programs, which are specific for PlayStation 3.

Copy Your Nintendo Wii Games – The Untold Mantra About Burning Wii Games Revealed

With the rise in piracy, game developing companies have started to embed their game discs with copy protection software. This prevents you from making copies. Still there are some copying software programs, which help you find a way around these water marks and create that much needed backup. There are game copying software available in the market as well which are specific to Nintendo Wii.

Backup Xbox 360 Games – How to Select the Right Game Copying Software

Xbox 360 is a thrilling piece of product to own. It is expensive and so are the games. We all know that even the slightest scratch on the game disc can make the disc completely useless. So in this scenario the game has to be backed up using a game copying software program.

Copy PS3 Games – Easiest, Simplest and Quickest Steps to Backing Up Your PS3 Games

PS3 games as each person knows are pretty costly. They are available easily but are copy protected. There have been occurrences when people have bought games worth $50 – $100 and the discs have been scratched in a matter of days.

Copy Nintendo Wii Games – Easy Secrets to Back Up Those Expensive Wii Game DVDs

If you are a new Nintendo Wii user, there are a lot of things you might be wondering about. The first and the most obvious things to wonder is why are the Wii games so expensive. That’s because of the increasing quality of graphics, animation and gaming complexities.

Backup PlayStation 3 Game DVDs – Fast, Effective and Cheap Methods of Creating Backups

Imagine you have spent the last week trying to master a fantastic PS3 game that you bought. You have with all your efforts come up to the last stage of the game and are sure that the game can be finished in the next two days.

Stop Pulling Your Hair Out – Backup Xbox 360 Games in Minutes

You may have tried to backup your Xbox 360 video games in the past; after all why wouldn’t you want to protect your video games that are so expensive and yet so fragile? It seams like the only thing to do. However, creating copies of your video games is impossible if you don’t have the right tools.

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