FIFA 16 – Manchester City Player Tournament – Sterling, De Bruyne, Mangala, and Sagna

FIFA 16 tournament with Manchester City players Sterling, De Bruyne, Mangala, and Sagna.
FIFA 16 Out Now:
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FIFA 16 available on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

PS3 VS XBOX 360 – Why the PS3 Comes Out on Top

As you are no doubt aware there are 3 main contenders this year PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Let’s leave the Wii out of this for the time being (it’s not quite in direct competition with the Xbox and PS3 as it offers an innovative family friendly ‘phenomenon’ rather than a  hardcore ‘Hi Res ‘ gaming console),  so if you accept my premise then we are left with a straight shootout between the PS3 and the Xbox 360.   With so much hoopla surrounding both consoles it can be a little …

Call of Duty 4 Best Classes

As you know in call of duty 4 you can create custom classes. There is a lot of strategy that comes into creating a call of duty 4 custom class that is good. You must understand how to play with each class.

Learn How to Backup Your Nintendo Wii Games

The Wii’s popularity has exploded in the last couple of years and it is still going strong today. The innovative control system has made it one of the most popular consoles ever made, and there are already a huge number of games available for it with the number growing daily. That means games collections can grow large very quickly, especially for the hardcore gamer.

The Wii Fit – Not As Safe As You Think!

The Wii Fit is taking the nation by storm with its new brand of fun exercise gaming that keeps you fit as well as entertained. But is it all as good as it sounds? For those who misuse it, the Wii Fit brings with it injuries and falls as well as games.

Duck Hunt – Get Your Crosshair Set On The Duck?

The first hunting game which was developed happened back in the 1980 which was named Duck Hunt. It was made for Nintendo game systems and it was the 1st of its type “back in those times”. The game requires a special controller which looked like a pistol and you would be shooting ducks with a light which was programmed for responding the system. From the 1st day when Duck Hunt came to the arena, it became very popular with gaming people.

Ready With Your NCAA Basketball 09 Rosters?

Sports aficionados who would still want to play more basketball even after one whole day of playing basketball should get a load of this. NCAA Basketball 09 is almost here! Yes, PS3 and Xbox360 enthusiasts are given more chance to enjoy their game consoles with this fun heart-pumping game. It’s available for pre-ordering like many NCAA Basketball lovers, you don’t want to miss it.

Halo 3 Flood

THE FLOOD – The flood are parasites that are all consuming. They will stop at nothing to consume you into their army of dead. The forerunner created the Halo rings because of these creatures.

Halo 3 Vehicles

Bute Chopper- All I can say is SWEET! This vehicles is like a motorcycle except it has a huge blade on the front. If you ram all vehicles except tanks with this it will explode. It shoots brute shots.

Video Games – How to Find Dirt Cheap Video Games

During these difficult economic times, how do we find cheap video games that run on our favorite video game platform? Where can we buy new or used video games at good deal prices.

Viva Pinata Fertilizer

Viva Pinata fertilizer is important to know for viva pinata. It can help your plants grow at amazing rates and produce a lot more fruit! You can also unlock goals from using the viva pinata fertilizer in the game.

The Future of Video Game Consoles

Until the Nintendo Wii came along and seized control of the market, the future of video game consoles was pretty predictable. Keep making bigger, faster, more powerful consoles with better graphics, sound, and lots of bells and whistles. But the Wii changed all that. Welcome to the next generation. This is the generation of interactive gaming, online competition, and plenty of action.

How to Add MP4 Videos to Your PSP

MPEG-4 or MP4 is media container format that has been developed by Apple. The media container format(not to be confused with the more colloquial usage of mp4, which is being used to denote different portable media players from around the world that don’t actually have a playback function for the MPEG 4 file format) has the capacity to contain different multimedia elements and unite these into one playable file. Recently, the MPEG 4 format is being used extensively in three distinct popular domains: the first domain is in mobile phone technology, where a compressed version.

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