FIFA 16 | Gary Neville & Ryan Giggs pick their FUT Legends XI

Watch as football legends Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs make their FUT Legends XI picks. Leave a comment and let us know who would be in your Legend XI. Challenge their team now:

FIFA 16 Out Now: See the new features:

FIFA 16 available on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

Here’s How You Can Copy Wii Games Or Copy Xbox Games – How to Make Backups of All Your Games

A lot of owners of the Nintendo Wii or Xbox wonder if it’s possible to make copies of their games. Today we show you exactly how this can be done.

How the Wii Console Fit Bundle Can Help You Shape Up

The Wii is one of the most popular games available, and is also one that everyone in the family can enjoy. And using the Wii Fit accessory program will help the whole family to stay healthy.

Wii Console Game Buyers Guide

The Wii console system is definitely on its way to becoming a giant in the gaming industry. However, before you jump in and buy a console, there are several things that you will want to know before you purchase.

PSP Console Sale – Where to Find the Best Bargains!

In the current gloomy economic climate, if you happen to find yourself looking for a PSP console for sale, whether it be as a present for somebody else or for yourself, you really should be asking yourself where you could find a genuine PSP console sale, with lots of cheap PSP systems available. But is there such a thing as a cheap PSP?

Everything About PSP Games That You Wished to Know

Sony had brought out a revolution in the international gaming industry, with the introduction of its amazing game console aptly called the PlayStation. Ever since its launch, the gaming console has gained more and more in popularity. In trying to meet the gaming needs of the large number of gamers all over the world, the company had tried to come out with better products, resulting in the introduction of many other consoles belonging to the PlayStation series.

Nintendo Wii Music Another Exciting Game We Hope

The Nintendo Wii is the most revolutionary gaming system ever created. With it’s unrestrictive game play and motion sensor remote, you can do practically anything on the Wii.

Wii Play

If you were asked what the best selling game on Wii is, you might think of Mario Galaxy, Wii Fit or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You may be surprised to learn that it’s actually a collection of 9 mediocre mini-games. The game is Wii Play. If you don’t already know, the reason for Wii Play’s success is its value for money. It is such good value for money because the game come bundled with a Wii Remote. Of course the Wii comes with one controller but most owners will at some stage want to play multiplayer games. The multiplayer aspect of the Wii is one of the main ways the system is promoted. Just look at any of the adverts for Wii games. They always show a family or group of friends having a fun time together on the Wii. They never depict the man playing Zelda until the early hours who looks drained as he’s been playing the game for 8 hours straight, yet feels determined to finish “just one more dungeon” before bed. That is another side of the Wii, but Nintendo focus their marketing on having fun together.

Xbox 360, 3 Red Lights – The Hidden Message

Ok, here’s a teaser. If your Xbox 360 has stopped working and you don’t get a video display, then how can you tell what the failure is? Well, those clever guys (and girls) at Microsoft have thought about this very ‘chicken and egg’ problem and come up with a suitably clever solution.

About Mario and His Video Games

Mario is one of the most lovable video game characters of all time and been around since the last two decades. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is the one who created this character while working for Nintendo. Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games. Mario first appeared in a Donkey Kong Game. Mario is still the favorite game of children all over the world. These days, Mario appears in many other games such as racing, puzzle, fighting, sport games and many more. Mario games are the best selling video game series of all time…

About Sonic the Hedgehog

In 1991, when Nintendo’s Mario was ruling the video game world, Sega launched its new game genre in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was very successful with over 50 million copies sold. Sonic gave a tough challenge to Nintendo’s Mario Bros in the walk of video game. Sonic is known for his supersonic speed. He is also featured with some unique elements such as jaw-dropping loops, super spin dash and impressive boss battles.

Nintendo Wii – Enjoy Great Gaming Experience With the Console

Video games have been a craze with the people ever since they were introduced in the international market in the 1970s. Innumerable games have been released from then on till now, and there is a great demand for good video games even now. Many well known companies like Nintendo are known for making valuable contribution in the gaming industry.

Where to Find Low Prices For Wii Consoles and Games This Christmas

Lets face it, most of us need a break from the economic doom and gloom merchants that are hogging the news headlines at the moment. Yes, the world economy is tottering on the brink of recession and there is no quick fix in site. But hey, it’s almost Christmas time, a time of good cheer and giving and receiving.

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