FIFA 16 – Best Goals of the Week – Round 20

Not entirely sure how Bony did that…but it was awesome!
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Board Games in Video Games

Video game consoles are slowly becoming a common item in every home in America. Many of them can now be purchased for relatively cheap and, seeing as they are popular not only for children but the entire family, one can find some type of video game console nearly everywhere. The games that can be played on these consoles range from strategy games, where someone takes the form of one of the characters of the game, trying to accomplish a list of goals in the most effective way possible, to full out war games, where players are given any number of different weapons and are told to defeat all of the enemies presented.

Fix the Xbox 360 No Video Error

A smash hit from day one, the Xbox 360 is a gaming console with no equal. Offering top of the line graphics and online play functionality, this is the console everyone wants. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 does have some technical problems. You’ve probably heard of the “red ring of death” before, but there are a few others which cause headaches for Xbox 360 gamers and worry people who are considering purchasing one of these consoles. The “no video” and “no audio” errors are a common technical problem faced by Xbox 360 gamers. How can this problem be fixed?

Getting Great Deals on Used Games

Buying used games saves a lot of money. You can get used video games for pennies on the dollar.

Intensify Your Craze For Games With a Cheap PS3

The gaming industry has spread its wings all over the world and this sector is flourishing day by day. To enhance the thrill parameter of gamers, Sony has launched the cheap PS3 games with new options to experience the best amusement.

Buying Video Games For a Young Gamer

Go to any video game store and you’ll be overwhelmed if you are new to gaming by the choice you have available. The kids seem to take to it like fish to water but for the adults it’s an impossible maze with all the games looking little different from each other.

A Look at Game Related Articles Aka (Insert Highly Controversial Title)

We all have read one, haven’t we? One of those articles that come up in whatever site you are browsing, which have a controversial title and deal with current events/products. Let’s take the recent Killzone 2 debacle as example. I really don’t care about the articles written before the game came out, as they are bound to be highly speculative, but even after it actually came out (2 weeks after the demo and months after the beta) it was still receiving hate articles when I think every decent gamer, regardless of any feelings of personal taste or brand loyalty, can say that IT IS A GOOD GAME. And it’s not only Killzone 2, it happened to all major releases last year as well (granted, probably not nearly as much); such as Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet and so on. Notice anything in that list? Yeah, they are all exclusives!

Linux For the PS3 Makes Your Game System Come Alive

Linux for the PS3 has now had its most recent release which promises to be the most evolving force your gaming system could ever undertake. In former releases, third party upgrades such as this had seemed to cause a few difficulties where the Sony game system upgrades were involved, often voiding the PS3’s warranties as well. These problems have however been utterly nullified with the advent of the most recent version of Linux for the PS3.

DLC – Xbox 360 Vs PS3

A couple of years ago, no one would have understood that title; not because the consoles didn’t exist, but because DLC was anything but “Downloadable Content”. We PC gamers are old time users of the “DLC”, after all we’ve always had mods, map packs, expansions, patches and the sort; however the console crowd is relatively new to this and how could they not be since up until this generation no console had a proper hard drive to speak of. So both the Xbox 360 and the PS3’s gamers enjoy DLC in some form, however as of late (okay maybe since last year) Microsoft has been securing DLC for Xbox 360 multi platform games with large sums of money in order to gain the competitive edge. Sony’s response? …

Linux For PS3 Empowers Your Gaming System Beyond Belief!

The latest Linux for PS3 has become a phenomenal powerhouse which enables your PS3 gaming system to become capable of previously undreamed of achievements. The most recent version to come out recently has completely and utterly surpassed all past versions and is now totally free of glitches. Before, the way things were with this application was that such an installation would invariably cause interference with the game system upgrades provided by the Sony corporation as well as the other way around. Even worse, merely the installing of Linux in the past pretty much meant that the PS3’s warranty would become void – now, this is no longer the situation.

Is There Anything Better Than the Dog Linux Download For PS3?

If you think a Dog Linux download for PS3 is the best that you can do then think again. The latest release of Linux for PS3 is a super-charged powerhouse of a program. Installation is exceedingly simple, the program is bug free, and installing it will not void your PS3’s warranty… yeah, you heard me right. Want to know what else is cool about this? It turns your PS3 gaming system into a Linux based, multi-tasking computer. You can even have it run the Microsoft Windows OS on it and turn it also into a PC! Is that sweet or what? Can a Dog Linux download for PS3 do all that?

Dog Linux 6.0 For PS3 – Is it Worth the Trouble?

Thinking about hooking up a version of Dog Linux 6.0 for your PS3 gaming system? What if you had a far superior option to work with? The latest release of Linux for PS3 blows all others away and now can be installed in such a way as to not void out the warranty on your system. This killer-sweet new app for your gaming system can all be summed up in two words; da shiznit! This phenomenal new version turns your PS3 into a powerhouse of a few machines all in one.

Dog Linux 5.0 For PS3 – Can it Be Done?

Looking for a version of Dog Linux 5.0 for PS3 use? Want to try for something even better? The latest version of Linux for PS3 has no bugs whatsoever and now can be installed without voiding your warranty on your PS3. The limits to what you can do with this, can all be summed up in two words; the sky. This killer new version transforms your PS3 into a workhorse of machines all in one system. Your PS3 becomes a multi-tasking Linux computer and can even have Microsoft Windows running as an OS, making this now also into a PC! This is better than just a version of Dog Linux 5.0 for PS3! But with this installation, you can also have Yellow Dog Linux!

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