Decision Day | FIFA 18 Global Series PS4 Playoff

The best players from around the world converge on Amsterdam to fight for a coveted spot in the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup. Watch June 1 – 3, to see which PS4 players will advance to the biggest stage in the FIFA 18 Global Series.

Get Your Xbox Online With a Laptop and Ethernet Cable

Countless people today have an Xbox 360, but how many have Xbox Live? One main reason someone might not having it would be having to buy the $100 wireless router, but I’m going to show you an alternate method.

Get Your Child Moving This Christmas – Choose the Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle

Everybody knows that it is best practice to watch what we eat and drink and exercise regularly. But how many of us do these things? From the mere fact that obesity is so high today; chances are not much. The sad truth is that Americans on a whole; especially our young people do not exercise enough.

Borderlands Review

17,750,000 Different Guns. Literally. I had incredibly high hopes for this game, I pre-ordered it about 6 months before it actually came out.

Dragon Age Origins Review

A review of the game Dragon Age Origins for the Xbox 360 console. With a surprise around every corner, and game-altering consequences behind every action, Dragon Age Origins will keep you coming back for more. This will definitely be a memorable game in Bioware’s archive, and for role playing games as a whole.

The Heavy Metal Rhythm Game

There is no limit to entertainment in the games cosmos; the more you crave, the more you get. Thanks to the creative creators who utilize the best of their aptitudes to introduce something new, something innovative for the game lovers.

The Roadie Buzz

Of late, music based electronic models with the iPhone or iPod touch have gained great momentum given the many options of games, online games availability, reviews, and lots more in addition to the freedom to play online. Online dealers even choose the best of the games for its users, saving the latter’s time to surf through sites. But, here the story is altogether different.

How Many Video Games Are There on the PlayStation 2?

The PlayStation 2 has been a video gaming console, which has taken the world by storm. Ever since its invention, it has truly been innovative in gaming, as well as choice. So how many video games exist on the PlayStation 2? Let us find out, and find the best!

How to Burn 360 Games Without Mod – No Modding Necessary All You Need is This

The Xbox 360 is probably the most powerful and popular gaming system available today. So it’s no surprise the games for this system are on the cutting edge when it comes to sound quality and graphics. Since these Xbox 360 games are so advanced and in high demand you can imagine why one game will cost you up to $60.

Bioshock Weapons

Bioshock is the first-person shooter game by a company called 2K that has literally revolutionised the genre. For anyone that has played System Shock, this game has been given the tag of the ‘sequel that isn’t a sequel’. This means that Bioshock is very similar to System Shock in its eerie, claustrophobic setting, and in the overall feel of the game.

Dino Crisis 3 – PS2

Dino Crisis is the popular survival horror game from Capcom – who are undoubtedly the master of survival horror (they are the creators of the Resident Evil series, afterall). In Dino Crisis 3 for the PS2 you are given the role of Patrick Tyler, the leader of the elite team sent into the space station to investigate a mysterious series of events. The game is once again a survival-horror game (similar to Resident Evil), but where dinosaurs are the main enemy instead of Zombies.

Gran Turismo 4 Cars

The complete Gran Turismo 4 cars list contains over 700 cars from 80 different manufacturers/companies. This is a staggering amount, and by far the most included in any video game created so far. It is even more amazing when you comprehend how much work and effort goes into creating just one car in the game.

Krystal Starfox

Most people think that without Krystal Starfox Adventures would have never become the game that it was. This is mainly due to her popularity amongst the hardcore Starfox community. Krystal Starfox makes her debut in this game, where she teams up with Fox McCloud in order to try and save the galaxy.

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