Counter Attacking vs. Slow Build Up | How to EXECUTE your ATTACK correctly! THE GUIDE

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It’s important to understand when you are able to go for a dangerous counter attack and when instead you should play it slow and secure ball possession first in order to stay safe and avoid easy mistakes. In this video we give you a guide on how to decide between the two options.
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Video Gaming Goes to Brand New Heights

With all the advancements in technology, video games and video gaming systems have changed over the past couple of decades. In fact, if children today were given the very first video gaming system that hit the market they would most definitely think that it was a dinosaur. The graphics of these new video games are so intense that gamers have a very hard time pulling themselves away their video gaming system when they begin playing a new video game.

Keeping Fit With Wii Fit

Video games have gotten a bad reputation lately, often being blamed for the rising levels of obesity among both children and adults. In these days of bad food and little exercise, people are ready to make a scapegoat out of anything. One way in which the gaming industry is fighting back is with titles that aim to provide a workout at home. Without a doubt, the very best of these is Wii Fit.

Research Studies Prove That Video Games Do Have an Influence on Gamers

There have been several research studies done in the past to determine if video games are affecting the children that are playing them, but none of these studies have been proven what they initially set out to prove until now. For the past nine years the National Institute of Media and Family have been conducting research studies to find out how video games are influencing the children that are playing them. The results of these research studies have been extremely shocking, but it these results have been well documented as well.

The Video Game World Generation

Through the virtual world of video games a new generation of youth are growing while their minds are being developed around these intense worlds. The virtual world of video games creates an atmosphere for this generation as their minds are challenged, which enables them in the ability to problem solve and how to be creative as well. During the early 90s, the virtual world of video games were not as magical and sophisticated.

Gaining Educational Necessities Within Video Games

There are several wonderful features that video games offer the youth of today that are often times completely overlooked by adults, who often feel that these games are simply a waste of time for children that would be better off focusing there spare time on more constructive activities. Video games offer several unique features that provide young people the chance to increase their learning abilities while stimulating their minds. The younger generation are constantly feeling the demands and requirements that the school place on them.

Most Popular Nintendo Wii Games For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the search for the perfect gift will soon be underway. If you are buying for a Wii lover, here’s a list of this season’s most popular Nintendo Wii games. One of the most highly anticipated games for the Wii is the Nintendo exclusive edition of the famous Sim City game series.

Are You Interested in Some Cheap Games and Accessories For Your PSP?

Now looking on these cooler discount sites I see I could have bought a brand new PSP for around 120 pounds. That to me, is pretty upsetting considering mine cost twice as much as that. And the games are inexpensive too, as said above. At a regular store you are looking at about 30-40 pounds per game on the gaming sites, and a quivering 15-25 pounds on these discount UK sites. That is just amazing!

Too Human – Resistances, Armor, Dodging and Avoiding Death Strategies

Avoiding damage and taking it on the chin is key in Too Human. Read on for some great tips on how to live longer in Too Human using Resistances, Armor and Dodging techniques.

NHL 09 Be a Pro Tips

Mastering the new Be A Pro mode in NHL 09 is no easy task. Check out some of these great tips to improve your game and take it to the next level.

DS Firecard – Game Storage Made Easy With DS Firecard

The ease and efficiency of having all of your Nintendo DS games available from one source isn’t as difficult to accomplish as you might think. A DS Firecard provides you with the best way to download your DS games and have your whole collection ready to play whenever you want to.

DS Fire Link – The Best Storage Device Available For Your DS Games

If you’re tired of having to dig through a pile of games for the one you’re looking to play, then a storage system will do wonders for you. The DS Fire Card and DS Fire Link will allow you to transfer and access your DS games instantly.

DS Fireline – Enjoy Instant Access to Your DS Games With DS Fireline

Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to be able to play any of your DS games whenever and wherever you want without the hassle of bringing all those games with you? A DS Fireline and DS Fire Card can make this possible for you. Before you know it, you’ll be able to have immediate access to your DS collection in one little card.

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