“Come on, that’s not fair!” PSG Players Decide Their FIFA 21 Ratings

Watch Kylian Mbappé, Presnel Kimpembe, Ander Herrera, Pablo Sarabia, Layvin Kurzawa, and Colin Dagba predict each other’s ratings in FIFA 21 and react to their first rating. See the top 1000 highest rated players in FIFA 21: http://x.ea.com/65771

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Top Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusives 2014

With the launch of the current generation of PlayStation like always the PS4 comes not only with powerful hardware but the anticipation for the games it will run. The 2014 line up of exclusive titles for release on the PS4 makes it an exciting year for gamers so we have compiled a short list of the top most anticipated PS4 exclusives 2014: 3. Driveclub. The severely delayed title created by Evolution…

Just Dance Versus Dance Central – Which Is Better?

Which dance game series is better, just dance or dance central? In this article I’ll explain the differences of both to help you decide which one is better.

Ryse: Son of Rome Review

One look at Ryse: Son of Rome; you’ll know that Next Gen has arrived. The detail, the scale and the overall visual treat that it throws at you, like a kid with an open mouth at the machine spewing candy! Except, that it’s not throwing candy at you, but bitter pills that are candy coated.

How to Easily Beat Most Bosses in Shin Megami Tensei

Having a tough time with bosses in Shin Megami Tensei? Here’s a simple method to beat most bosses that you may not know about.

The Case for Shenmue

A short retrospective article that argues for the release of HD remasters of the first two Shenmue video games, arguing that the conditions are now in place to see the series claim the commercial success that eluded it the first time around. The Shenmue community is not just alive and well, but steadily growing in numbers, so perhaps it’s about time that Sega finally took notice of them. Perhaps, it is time to give them what they want.

The Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games You Must Buy

With the release of the brand new Sony PlayStation 4 console, comes several games I’m sure you’re all looking forward to playing. Here’s a list of the top 5 PS4 games you need to buy, or at least play!

Brave Frontier Elements and Arena Guide

A short yet detailed guide to the Elements and the Arena in the recently launched blockbuster game Brave Frontier. This game has quickly risen in popularity and now features as the best game in the RPG category!

The Nintendo DS and Its Storage Devices

In today’s world, gaming consoles are one of the best-selling gadgets. During 1972, with the introduction of the foremost console, the world changed forever! Nintendo, which has been in business since 1977, is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming consoles worldwide.

How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

Introduce the short traits of Giants in Clash of Clans. Describe 3 effective raid strategies in using Giants army combinations.

Which Tier-1 Troops I Should Upgrade First in Clash of Clans?

A straightforward clues on troops upgrade priority in the laboratory. Something to consider why one type of troops is better to be upgraded first compared to the others.

A Journey Through the Seventh Generation Video Game Consoles

So here we are in the new year (2014) and the Eighth Generation consoles are out: Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita. They are exciting. They are sleek. They are impressive. But are they worth getting as soon as they come out?

Moral Choices in Video Games: The Problem of Problem Solving

In real life, moral choices are not thrown at you – you have to choose to make choices moral. This article uses an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link to explore an aspect of moral choice that few video games try to convey.

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