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Protect Your New Release Games With Game Copier Software

When you purchase your shiny new release game you’re so amped you have to go straight home and start playing. But maybe you should just wait a minute, take a step back and consider how you can protect this major investment you just made. As much as you want to start gaming, what would you do if your new game somehow was accidentally damaged which then cause the game to skip, freeze or even worse, cause a disc read error?

9 Best Racing Games for the Super Nintendo System

Looking for a great classing racing game? Read on to see which games are the BEST!

Flying Games Online – Can The Whole Family Use Them?

Flying games online are all the rage these days. They are now considered an essential item on gaming consoles, computers and laptops. They are also making waves on mobile phones that come with the necessary accessories to host these games.

How to Choose the Best PS3 Game Copy Software

The PlayStation brand has actually come a long way. With every reiteration of Sony’s best selling video game console, there has always been something new for all types of gamers, be it hardcore or casual gamers – there is always something for everyone. However, the PlayStation 3 or the PS3 is special because unlike previous iterations, it is the most technologically advanced and the games actually have a copyright authentication that makes it hard for others to copy the game and create a backup of it on the PS3’s hard drive.

Is Game Copier Software Legal?

Whether you have an Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 or 3, Nintendo Wii or Game Cube gaming console, you may have come across game copier software that is able to duplicate your games. While you can see the merit in this game copier software you’re not completely sure if it’s legal to own and use.

Classic Game Review: Druid Commodore 64

Development house Electralyte only has one product to their credit – Druid, released by Firebird on the commodore 64 almost 40 years ago. Dene Carter is “the man responsible for designing Druid, which was apparently loosely based on a Games Workshop role- playing game. He’s also behind this sequel – essentially a beefed-up version of its predecessor, with 15 levels to explore and 32 different spells to use.

New R4 SDHC V210T Card Increases Memory Capacity and Game Compatibility

The R4 SDHC team has been around since the middle of 2008 and has produced the best-selling R4 SDHC card for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite console. The card continued to sell well even after the DSi console was released by Nintendo. Now, a brand new version of the card allows compatibility with the newest games, keeps memory capacity high, and boasts a new, updated firmware.

Classic Game Review: Mega Apocalypse 1987

Further inspired by the obscure and archaic arcade game Mad Planets, Simon Nicole has taken four and a half months of fairly intensive programming to improve on his first attempt, Crazy Comets and the good news is, he’s succeeded – admirably. Using a Commodore Sound Sampler, and some ingenious programming techniques, Simon has managed to cram six seconds worth of sampled speech and sound effects into 18K – a quarter of the original sample length – without seriously degrading the quality, and more importantly without noticeably slowing down the proceedings on-screen. Two players can take turns, play together…

Halo Reach Tips – Improve Your Accuracy

Lets get right into this. When looking to have a good shot in Halo Reach you must make some adjustments from Halo 3. At long distances you need to slow your shot down look at the bloom wait until it almost resets and then fire again.

Halo: Reach – Amazing Christmas Gift Video Game For 2010

Do you remember just how good the original Halo game was when the Xbox was first released? It really caught the imagination of game players. Microsoft has seen this game through a number of incarnations. This year’s version release in mid September created midnight queues as gamers wanted to be the first to get their hands on it. When looking for top of the range video games for this Christmas 2010, many experts are predicting one game to come out on top: Halo: Reach. The game is exclusive to the Xbox 360, and is the latest release in the line of extremely popular Halo games.

Feeling Flabby? Check Out the Best Wii Workout Games – 1

People went crazy when the Wii was released. Stores could not keep them on the shelves. Nintendo was clearly in the lead since no other manufacturer up to that time had the ability to keep gamers entertained. The Nintendo was geared towards families and casual gamers. Nintendo scored a hit. They came back to the table with the Wii Fit, not only was Nintendo getting gamers off their backsides with a Wii classic motion controller but they introduced a Motion Plus controller which provided even more precise and complex movements. The Wii Fit changed everything, and Nintendo was clearly in the lead in introducing exercise and game play.

New Motion Plus Games For Wii

When the Wii was introduced several years ago, Nintendo had a hard time keeping it on the shelves. Retailers were selling out of them as quickly as they were getting them and stores frequently had long lines of eager customers wanting their Wii. What was the attraction? It was a new console from the legendary console maker, Nintendo. It featured a motion controller, something unheard of at the time and Nintendo spared no cost in promoting how interactive the Wii would be. Indeed they changed gaming forever, again.

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